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  Center for international study                                                       Medical and dental Residency, Fellowship,PhD and short dental Implant prorams click here!.براي تخصص هاي پزشكي ،دندانپزشكي، فلوشيپ، تحقيق، دكتري تخصصي ودوره هاي كوتاه ايمپلنت در خارج از كشور بر روي اين قسمت كليك نمائيد

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    The choice of the right educations and university is certainly the most important career decision of an individual's life, ultimately affecting future income, job satisfaction & quality of life. Applying to college, business school, engineering school, graduate school, law school,

, medical school,Residency and fellowship programs is something you are only likely to do once in the effective age of your life. You are not likely to experience a learning curve for this activity and the program you attend will have a significant impact on your future opportunities.

    Mobin offers comprehensive study abroad opportunities in the United States , United Kingdom ,Germany,France,Austria Australia , Canada ,Malaysia, New Zealand .

   Students may earn university in undergraduate,graduate and post-graduate levels. Courses for both the language and non-language student are taught in the foreign language of the host country and in English (in some locations).

   Study terms include semester, quarter, summer, year, intensive two-week and month-long programs. We can also help students for their accommodations and airport pick-up if you request that. Just click on the country you would like to learn more about to browse our online pages about each country.

   If you would like to apply Medical and Dental Residency, Fellowship, PhD, Research and short training for Dental Implant, you can click on the Dark blue Banner on the top of this page then you would access to the related pages.

   If you would like to study high school, undergraduate, graduate and PhD click the yellow Banner (on the left side) go to announcement, read it carefully, and prepare the documents according to level you would like to study and then contact us as soon as possible.

  You need, the professional help of MOBIN for the most important decision of your life!
Feel free to contact us if we can assist you further!

 گروه مبين با مجوزازوزارت علوم، تحقيقات وفناوری ووزارت بهداشت، درمان واموزش پزشكي وثبتUCAS درانگلستان ونمايندگی وهمکاری علمی با دانشگاهها ومراکز علمی ومعتبر جهانی

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