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  Helping international students fulfill their ambitions every year by counseling and placing them in the appropriate universities or educational institutions need a network of cooperation between related and common interests parties involve in these endure, therefore we value such partnership and invite them to view this page and contact us with your suggestions and any questions you may have.



Recruiting the international students for all accredited, internationally well known universities is a prestigious, competitive edge, highly advantageous and important for universities to keep their positions in high ranking international academic level.

We are located in the heart Middle East and Near East countries with a great and demanding educational market potential. If you would like to have more international students in today competitive market, you certainly need help of professionals like MOBIN .

We welcome any partnership proposal from any accredited universities that would like to have international students at their campus continuously.

Please feel free to contact us if you need further information!

Partner agents

Although MOBIN Regional partners are at the very heart of our worldwide partnerships, we welcome any inquiries from accredited , experienced and legally authorized local recruitment agencies from any countries in the world to render our services to them. This partnership enable us to help students in every individual countries  better and ensure that business opportunities for agents are maximized.

Contact us for more and specific information.


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