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Our process

At Mobin Group, we offer you a time-tested and cost effective process that enables you select the appropriate major and university and a quick admission. we help you choose the program best suited to your needs on the basis of your academic profile, subject of interest and the fees you can afford. We help you select professional courses which have bright job prospects.
  We evaluate the latest upcoming fields keeping in mind the fast changing trends. As an aspiring International student, you through these three main stages.

Step1: The Pre-application Process - Making Your Choice tory Title

We begin by examining your objective in term of your specialization and career goals based on this information we consult on data bank and match your needs with the options offered by various universities. At this point, we invite you and counselors work with you to zero in on a choice of universities. Usually three universities that offer ideally suit your requirement and resources. Begin your journey as an Overseas student by clicking to download and register with filling the pre-registration form below and send it back as it is instructed in blue.

Step2: The Application Process Securing Your Admission

Having chosen the appropriate university it becomes essential for you to match its curriculum with your academic ambition. We would provide you a more detailed application form and ask you for documentations which are necessary for us to continue our efforts to get for you the letters of acceptance from selected universities. After we receive the documents we contact with our partner university to get your admission approved as soon as possible. At this point, you may also consider taking the universally accepted Tests like TOEFL, and IELTS, if you are prepared for it, or we can arrange special classes to prepare you for admission to the universities, our counselors are on stand-by to advise you on courses of preparation for these tests. In fact, the Application Procedure involves an element of prioritizing & scheduling.

Step3: The admission and your education and travel plane

Congratulations! You have secured your admission. And, You have just begun. You now need to get started on processing your papers for the third stage: the immigration procedure. After admission, this is the most crucial (and delicate) stage. Based on the information that you provide, the consulate of the government of the country you are going to have your education, provides you with a visa.

At Mobin Group, we get you started on your visa formalities helping you to gather your papers. Having crossed your visa procedures it is now time to prepare the journey ahead. At this point Mobin Group is at hand to advise you on the key journey procedures. In specific cases we even ensure that your accommodation is booked and even the airport pickups are provided.

You can get our pre-registration form from following banner on our Mobin main, or click on one of the links below which is more convenient for you to down load them,fill it out completely and send it back with other documents requested in our announcement. As soon as we receive those, we contact you and invite you to our office for counseling.

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